About Me

Welcome, my friends, to the digital nexus of my psyche! Don’t worry, no electrodes are required to connect. Instead, I offer you this captivating blog.

Here you will find a collection of writing based on my own passions and interests, and how they relate to today’s most controversial and influential topics. Initiating the discussion of meaningful discussions has always been a passion of mine, whether that be related to technology, philanthropy, business, or world affairs. The key to societal progress is collaborative discussion and positive representation, which is why I always strive to share my perspective on the issues I care about.

Years ago, I grew up in Gujarat, India and earned an engineering degree from M.S University of Baroda. After beginning my career as a software engineer in web development and moving to the United States and now Canada, I understood that my professional career did not stop at the end of my workday. And why should it? Life’s progress does not stand still outside of work. The human spirit can only fulfill its potential by connecting with other spirits and nature with empathy and compassion. My dream is to contribute my spirit to help create a world that is equitable and just. May this blog help nudge our society a little more towards that path.

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